A film by   Michael Paris
The Witch   Johanna Genet
Michael   Tom Maurice
Spawn   Gregory Paris
    J3.0 (voice)
Music by   James BKS Edjouma
Sound Design by   Johanna Genet
DP/EDITING/VFX   Michael Paris
Camera B Operator   Gregory Paris
Technical Crew
Samuel Gaillard   HervĂ© Thomas
Jessica Genet   Emerick Descamps
Thanks for their support
James Kretchmar   Patrick Paris
Solange Genet   Mickael Genet
Emilien Adage   Tom's family
Special Thanks to
Michel Antoine   Brigitte Antoine
Gregory Paris   Freddy Danneels &
    the supermarket crew
Additional Voices by   J3.0
Additional Music   Mourioche - Mystic Gambit
This short film uses many sounds from
FREESOUND.ORG (see full list)
A huge thank you to all the team for their support and help
without you this movie wouldn't exist